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How read books online?

In the modern age, traditional paper books are supplemented by eBook reader software. Through installing software on your Android phones, you literally can read your favorite book on your mobile or tablet. Some eBook applications now deliver hundreds of free books. You will easily scan and start reading a library of your choosing with these applications. To order books you no longer have to visit physical stores. Here you can find some of the latest Android eBook reader apps for how read books online


For each form of laptop, FBReader is a rather customizable eBook reader. This software can be used on other devices, such as Android, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. To fits your reading style, you can select colours, font face, height, animations, bookmarks, etc. The library organizes by writers and titles to give you an easy view. It supports several eBook formats and direct zip archive reading and is located in 29 languages! FBReader provides eight online catalogs offering access to a vast variety of eBooks. It is integrated with common SlovoEd, Fora and ColorDict dictionaries.

Amazon Kindle

Kindle provides the most popular eBook reader applications for smartphones and tablets, a range of ebook, magazines and newspapers. You don’t need a Kindle unit, but it’s available on Android and iOS tablets as well, to get books in the Kindle store. Kindle is powered by Amazon technology that enables your last page, bookmarks, highlights and reminders to be synchronized between all devices. It also features an embedded dictionary that makes it easier to read new words. The Kindle app helps you to search Google and Wikipedia, accessibility that enhances your reading.

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is a decent alternative to some of the more popular eBook reader applications. The PDF and ePub books are available as great e-reader. Aldiko Text Reader does not save a book immediately and does not therefore save the book. However, you need to import the library, which puts the book on its interactive shelf, if you want the program to preserve your readings. Aldiko offers different ways to change font, font face and context to satisfy the reader’s requirements. With its comprehensive features, Aldiko provides a perfect reading experience.

Cool Reader

Cool Reader provides a completely adjustable selection of text formats for all font sizes as well as an extra smooth display, which makes reading enjoyable. Nice Reader is the only online text-to-speech tool. It also features a day/night toggle, which enables a comfortable reading of two shades, backdrop and backlight stages. Cool Reader offers page count, read percentage and chapter mark detail in the upper part of the screen. It supports a number of filenames, including ePub, fb2, html, rtf, txt, etc.

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