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Best Indian history books

If we really want to know or understand the people or the country, their politics, and more. To understand the same, it is very important to know about the past of a nation from which you can understand the strength and politics of a government. Here are some of the best books you might suggest reading and hear about Indian history.

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Best Indian history books that are must to read

  1. One of the most popular books called “The Idea of India” by Sunil Khilani, released in 1997. This book is a reference to the storey of India’s free country march after independence. The primary emphasis is on explaining the historical and economic past of the partition.
  2. Another outstanding history book that you can choose to read is Shashi Tharoor’s “India from midnight to the millennium.” This book is also highly recommended for reading where you can get the storey of Indian history from partition to modern India.
  3. “India after Gandhi” is another wonderful book on Indian history written by Ramachandra Guha. Indian history will never be as fascinating and exciting as it was portrayed in this novel. They’ve been telling the tale, from a bloody partition to the 2000’s.
  4. “India – The Emerging Giant” is one of the top books you can choose to read about Indian history. This book is written by Arvind Panagiriya, who talks about Indian economic history, followed by Nehru Ji and Manmohan Singh.
  5. “The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity” is also one of the best Indian history books that you must certainly read. This book is written by Amartya Sen. This book has something to do with Indian history and culture. The essays in this book are all about modern India.
  6. Another fascinating book on Indian history, which you might choose to read, is “The Feast of Vultures: The Secret Business of Democracy in India,” written by Josy Joseph, an Indian investigative journalist. This is a nonfiction book with documentation on liberal democracy in India.

This are some of the best Indian history books you can dream of reading anytime you want to know about history. This book will allow you to understand the history of India. we hope you have got all the details you have been looking for. Keep visiting to not miss out on any latest post.

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